Since 2014, Cane Rosso Rescue has saved the lives of over 350 dogs, through the generous support of members of our community.  Your donation to Cane Rosso Rescue goes straight towards helping our dogs get the medical care that they need until they find their forever home. You will also be helping to support the operational needs of the very first Cane Rosso Rescue Adoption center that opened in Carrollton in October of 2016!  

Your gift today - whatever sum you choose to give - will help us save animals from suffering and give them an opportunity to live a great life! We are an official 501(c)3 charitable organization, so your donations are tax deductible!!

You can also help by purchasing items from our Amazon wishlist, which will greatly assist with the day-to-day care of our animals! 

Click below to donate directly to Cane Rosso Rescue or scroll down to make a monthly donation. A one-time set-up makes its easy for you to support our pups throughout the year!

Thank you!!



If you would like to support us on an ongoing basis we have a number of subscription donation levels you can select from.

Feed - $25 a month helps us feed and provide treats for our dogs

Protect - $50 a month helps pay for heart-worm, flea and tick prevention to keep our dogs healthy

Socialize - $100 a month helps pay for a training session for our dogs to make them good canine citizens

Vet - $250 a month helps cover the cost of a single spay or neuter, vaccinations and medical checks

Sponsor - $500 a month helps pay the cost of one dog in our rescue center


Simply click the subscription level below and an automatic payment will be made through PayPal each month.

Donation Levels